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What is Medicaid Long Term Care - Episode 3 - Texas Elder Law Series

Texas Medicaid program is a federal/state funded institution that is governed by Texas Health and Human Services Commission. It is a program designed to assist the aged, blind, disabled, and impoverished families. It is often confused with Medicare. Medicare is a insurance program which each working American earns after obtaining a certain number of credits. Medicaid is a welfare program which is based upon medical need, income and resources. Medicaid long-term care or Medicaid-Institutional and Community Care programs assist with paying for long term care needs in a nursing home, intermediate care facility if your mother has an intellectual disability or related condition, and institutions which cover 65 years and older mental diseases. Medicaid does not usually pay for an assisted living facility (however, Assisted Living and Residential Care Services is covered under a Community Care program) unless it meets one of the requirements above. I promised that I would try to keep this as simple as possible so what you need to understand is that Medicaid is what pay for long term care when your mother does not have the assets or resources to pay for herself.