You Might be Losing your Medicaid Benefits

You Might be Losing your Medicaid Benefits

In March of 2020, the Secretary of HHS prevented states from ending Medicaid benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress followed suit and passed a law that if you were enrolled in Medicaid as of March 18, 2020, your state could not terminate your benefits. The law is currently in effect until April 15th, 2022, however, it appears more likely that this law will end soon.

What should you do if you think your benefits will end?

Make sure that you are following the income and resource rules to be eligible for benefits. First, you need to learn the rules of eligibility for your situation. If you are a single adult without children in Virginia, your income limit is less than $1,482 a month. Medicaid Long-Term Care for the Elderly, the income requirement is $2,523 (unless you have a Qualified Income Trust). For an individual, you cannot have over $2,000 of countable resources. If you are a married couple, different rules will apply to your situation. Take some time to learn the rules.

If you will lose benefits, you might be eligible for subsidized insurance through the public marketplace. However, it is difficult to get on these programs. If possible, your best solution might be to find good employment. Employers everywhere are desperate for help. Check with your potential employer to see if you are eligible for health insurance. Have more questions about Medicaid? Learn more about Medicaid here.