How to Reduce Medicaid Estate Recovery

How to Reduce Medicaid Estate Recovery

Texas Administrative Code § 373.213 allows for the deduction of expenses, home maintenance, and costs of care from the Texas MERP. The Code allows the following deductions (AS LONG AS DOCUMENTATION IS PROVIDED):

  1. Your mother’s expenses and taxes for maintaining the home;
  2. Your mother’s utility bills, insurance, home repairs, and lawn care; and
  3. Costs for care (including payments for personal attendant care), provided that these services allow your mother not to be institutionalized.

Keep all of the receipts showing exactly what was spent on your mother. After she passes away, you need to make this request within sixty days of receiving the Notice of Intent to File a Claim by MERP. All supporting documentation must be attached to the request and sent to the following address:

MERP, Home Maintenance/Costs of Care Request

P.O. Box 13247

Austin, Texas 78711