Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney: Be Wary of the "Cheap" Way Out

With the culture of bargain hunters and sale scroungers, many today gravitate toward the best deal, lowest price, or BOGO opportunity. However, this is not necessarily the smartest route to take when considering your estate planning course. It is important you enlist in the help of a legal team that will help you construct an effective and thorough estate plan, one which will make the most possible sense for one’s family and future generations, covering everything--including those intangibles which should be front and center.

If you do not currently have an estate planning attorney, your first instinct will be to Google. This is unsurprising, because we live in a search engine dominated world. There is certainly nothing wrong with starting your search online. However, there is one caveat--just as we have come to depend on a Google-driven universe, we also tend to live and die by the reviews.

There is a huge problem with buying into the reviews when it comes to lawyers. This is because if a lawyer worth his or her salt subsequently probably has more negative reviews than positive ones. Who’s more likely to take to the Internet to express their feelings—a disgruntled person who has just been bested by a smart and savvy attorney, or someone who was thrilled with the outcome of their case or project? Unfortunately, legal reviews trend more toward the former.

Some people say, “Lawyers are just trying to get your money” or “They’re going to charge me thousands for something that should theoretically only cost a fraction of that. It’s not worth it.” These people will be less than pleased with the outcome of their estate planning. If you consider what you will spend over the course of your lifetime on various services and advisors, estate planning should be considered a lifetime project instead of a one-off task, over and done with during the course of a few meetings.

The average person spends almost a quarter of a million dollars on healthcare throughout their life. If using a financial advisor, one could potentially see almost $150,000 in fees rack up over their lifespan. If one uses an accountant, this could add up another $50,000 in lifetime fees for tax filings. Therefore, relatively speaking, estate planning is a fraction of what you might potentially spend on other such services. Most people who undertake estate planning will do it twice throughout the course of their life.

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