Estate Planning Book: Why Should I Care? I'll Be Dead.

By: Willingham Law Firm, PC.

Released on June 27, 2017, Why Should I Care? I’ll Be Dead came out in paperback edition. Authored by 2 of our attorneys, Taylor Willingham and Carla Alston, this book describes estate planning guidelines and tips. Whether you are an attorney seeking to learn proven techniques for estate planning, or someone wanting to know more about the importance of drafting an estate plan, this book can answer several questions and equip you with knowledge about this important topic.

What You Will Find in Our Book

This book is divided into three categories. The first category deals with the importance of estate planning. It describes the benefits of having an estate plan, and provides reasons a person should draft a will. Creating a strong family narrative is vital, and this book gives several tips for leaving a person on escalatorlasting legacy.

The second category deals with techniques for drafting estate planning documents. It describes what you should be concerned about throughout the process, and provides helpful tips for deciding between a will and a trust. In addition, it gives information about long-term care, and helps readers craft an estate plan that focuses on the future.

The third category deals with preserving your estate. Our attorneys give tips and tricks for choosing a financial advisor, understanding your income and expenses, and increasing your income. The book describes 4 different enemies of wealth and how you can avoid them, as well as proven techniques for leaving a billion dollars.

Dedicated McKinney Estate Planning Lawyers

At Willingham Law Firm, PC., we strive to meet clients’ needs. Our firm provides informative, personal services, and we can help you make wise decisions regarding your current and future finances. Our attorneys are passionate about sharing legal knowledge with others, and our new book illustrates numerous experiences dealing with estate planning issues.

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