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Although divorce can be both time-consuming and expensive, uncontested divorces are relatively quick and can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. In Texas, courts generally start with 50/50 possession schedules and split community property equally, though other factors may change the allocation. If the parties can come to an agreement, they can have a final decree that contains the possession schedule and property division they want while saving thousands and thousands of dollars.

At The Willingham Law Firm, PC, we offer a flat fee for an uncontested divorce in Texas if:

  • Both spouses agree on the terms
  • The divorce is not complex
  • Both spouses are cooperative

Note that the parties can agree to what they want, so you do not necessarily have to equally split community property or equally split custody of any children you have with your ex-spouse. Possession schedules can also be as unique as the parties may desire.

What Our Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce Service Includes

The flat fee encompasses preparation of the original petition for divorce, the waiver of service, and the final decree of divorce. Flat fees vary depending on the amount of property and debt that needs to be addressed, whether there are children or not, and, if there are children, the amount of customization of the possession schedule.

Typical fees range from $1,800 to $4,000. Flat fees provide financial certainty to those who may not want to spend their hard-earned money on litigation, but still wish to have the benefit of an attorney preparing their documents to ensure accuracy and completeness.

What Are the Benefits of Uncontested Divorce?

Flat fee agreed divorces or uncontested divorces work for couples who would rather decide their fate than have a judge do that for them. Essentially, both parties decide to put aside their differences long enough to reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce decree.

Flat fee arrangements and agreed divorces do not work for cases in which one or both parties will not cooperate with each other. An uncontested divorce is not feasible when there are allegations of an unfit parent or one party is hiding assets.

What If My Uncontested Divorce Becomes Complicated?

Unfortunately, in some cases, this turns out to be untrue or the case is unavoidably more complex than originally anticipated. We always advise clients that if the divorce later turns out to be more contested or complex than initially believed, we must transition our representation to an hourly fee schedule with a retainer to account for the additional time expended in completing the divorce. Therefore, clients should consider whether both spouses are truly in agreement about the divorce so we can properly evaluate the case before we proceed with the divorce filing.

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At The Willingham Law Firm, PC, our dedicated legal team is well-versed in uncontested divorces. Our skilled legal professionals possess the knowledge and experience you need to navigate the uncontested divorce process, so you can feel confident that we will represent your best interests each step of the way.

Our family law attorneys are here to answer any questions you may have about the uncontested process. Please give us a call today at (214) 499-9647 to schedule your consultationso we can discuss how to handle your situation.

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  • I've worked with Taylor for a number of years. He is knowledgeable, passionate, and respectful to his clients.

    “I've worked with Taylor for a number of years. He is knowledgeable, passionate, and respectful to his client. Have a conversation with him! It's worth spending the time to talk with him about your estate plan or other legal needs.”

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