Posterity Planning

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End of life care can be very expensive but there are ways to maximize your assets and protect those assets for your loved ones.

When end-of-life care becomes a necessity, there are a few methods to pay for such care:

  • Personal Assets

  • Insurance

  • Medicaid and VA Benefits

We Can Help Your Family Qualify for Government Assistance!

The Willingham Law Firm, PC can assist you in legally converting assets into non-countable savings to qualify your loved one for Medicaid. The plan is to protect assets so our elderly clients do not become impoverished because of long term care needs. This is a legal, ethical, and moral thing to do. As one Court said, “No agency of the government has any right to complain about the fact that the middle-class people…choose [to do Medicaid Planning] when it is the government itself which has established the rule that poverty is a prerequisite to the receipt of government assistance…”.

You and your loved ones have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into Social Security with the promise that the government would take care of you in your later years. Our job is to help you access that assistance.

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