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At The Willingham Law Firm, PC, we believe that every American's tax burden should not exceed what is legally necessary. Our dedicated and knowledgeable McKinney tax attorneys have helped clients with an array of different assets and businesses significantly and legally reduce their tax payments. We can help you properly structure your business and ensure that every opportunity to reduce your tax obligation is assuredly pursued.

How The Willingham Law Firm, PC can help reduce your tax payments:

  • We make a thorough assessment of your business and/or assets.
  • We create a plan to legally restructure all of your finances.
  • We work with a skilled CPA to implement and file that new structuring.
  • We provide you with the resulting, dramatically reduced tax burden.

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"Am I really overpaying?"

How much of your income do you believe you pay every year in taxes? 12%? 13.5% 15%? Most Americans are shocked to learn that they may be paying up to 30% of their income on taxes. This kind of tax burden can be limiting and even crippling to the individuals, families, and businesses that shoulder it. To illustrate, we use an example of an average Texas citizen making $100,000 year.

This taxpayer's tax burden can be summarized as:

  • Income tax: $13,537.10
  • Social Security and Medicare: $15,300.00
  • Property tax: $7,620
  • Gas and utilities: $750
  • Sales tax: $2,475
  • Inflation costs: varied
  • Fees: $2,625

This hypothetical breakdown results in a total tax burden of $42,307.10. At our firm, we believe that this is too much. With our insight on properly structuring and estates and businesses and input from a skilled tax preparer, we have been successful in legally reducing our clients' annual tax payments by $18,000. The Willingham Law Firm, PC is ready to put that same diligence and attention to detail to work on your finances and yield you the tax savings you deserve.

The pricing for our business formation and tax consulting package is $6,000. We offer a 10% discount for all veterans.

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